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Livin’ On The Edge

Livin’ on the edge
Yesterday was such a shit day that I am amazed this morning to still be in my home and not in a cell wearing a very unfortunate shade of orange. You know that feeling where you’re so close to the edge that stabbing people with a rusty spoon sounds vaguely like a good idea? Well, that was me yesterday. I don’t get like this very often but it sort of bled into this morning so I had to look myself in the mirror and do a check up from the neck up.

Knowing when I’ve reached the point of mass destruction is an important thing for me. Being able to stop it is an even bigger thing. I have to take time to reassess and decide if I want to continue down a path that will most certainly land me in a cell with a really big hulking butch named Esther or if I should take a different route. This morning, I decided to take the different route. 😀 It doesn’t mean I am all better or that I suddenly developed amnesia. It means that I’ve decided not to let these things control my emotions. So….time to smell the roses and be thankful for what I have.

Things that keep me sane:


1. Seeing how absolutely adorable my dog is and how much she loves me.
2. Reminding myself that I set an example for my son.
3. Remember that things will keep moving and eventually this will pass.
4. Recognizing that I am just a small piece of the puzzle.
5. Read the news headlines. Sounds morbid but it reminds me that it could be worse…
6. Remembering that I am a redneck and as such can get away with doing stupid shit to amuse myself because people think I’m too stupid to know better. 😀
7. When people start bitching, all I hear in my head as I watch their lips move is “stupid, stupid, stupid, idiot, OMG I can’t believe they know how to speak!”
8. Reminding myself that orange is not my color.
9. Pester my best friend from high school with posts of amazingly ridiculous, and sometimes disgusting, pictures of bacon stuff.
10. Reveling in the beauty of nature to remind myself that there is something better around the corner.